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Tough HOSHIZAKI Refrigerators Keep their Cool when the Heat’s on!

The following is an excerpt from National Restaurant News

Imagine over 100° F temperatures, flames raging in the room, people running around and yelling orders. ?Sounds likes a rough place or a commercial kitchen. Upright refrigerators may have the worst it, as they’re expected to keep food cold and safe for the customer. Fast-paced cooks swinging doors open and close puts stress on just about every part of the refrigerator.

Jake Kimmel, Product Manager of Refrigeration at Hoshizaki America, Inc. in Peachtree City, GA says “We looked at every component of a refrigerator and found ways to make it even better.”? Hoshizaki’s new Steelheart series has a smaller exterior footprint with a larger storage capacity! ?Environmentally friendly refrigerant, Easy Clean Stainless Steel and new flat top offers additional storage for cups or napkins.

As you probably have experienced, many commercial refrigerators on the market today don’t perform well when fully loaded with fluctuations in product temperature. Hoshizaki’s new Steelheart has a unique system of ducts and louvers circulating air from top to bottom and each shelf. The food is surrounded with cold air flow ensuring uniform temperatures.

Find out what else makes a Hoshizaki Beyond Strong and why it’s the best commercial refrigerator for your operation.

To read the full article:??Tough Refrigerators Must be Cold Despite Hot Kitchens

July 30th, 2019|Articles|

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